User Benefits

The digital train is in full motion, make sure not to miss this development and to profit from many advantages, e.g.

  • Entering the digital logistics world by using the efreight platform means:
  • Continuous and seamless tracking (door-to-door)
  • Cross-linking of working places, branch offices and logistics providers
  • Transparency about performance and cost of the logistics providers
  • Standardised processes for secure and reliable transports
  • Lower cost through fair pricing and higher efficiency
  • 24/365 data accessibility from a save and secure data center
  • Detailed statistics and evaluations

Several Swiss and Global companies have joined efreight Switzerland and are benefiting from Supply Chain Management solutions. Below is a partial list.

Participants of the efreight Platform

IT Software Providers

A close collaboration between interested IT software providers and efreight AG is important as most of the potential platform customers are using a transport managment software which is offered by independant providers.

Interfaces have been established with the following companies allowing their customers to use the efreight platform.

Lobster GmbH
K&S Informatik
FineSolutions ExpoWin
Daco System


There are currently 55 shippers using the efreight Plaform

Some customers have expressed their satisfaction about our platform in individual testimonials:

"We are using the efreight platform worldwide because we can ensure our seamless performance and quality control across the entire intercompany transport chain."
Frank Glienke, Corporate Logistics Manager, Chocolate Factory Lindt & Sprüngli (International) AG

"The efreight platform allows us to connect all logistics partners and communicate with them digitally and without paper. Thanks to status updates, we are able to proactively monitor the progress of our shipments and thus improve our service quality for our customers and internal stakeholders. "
Fabian Traechslin, Head of Logistics & Transport, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG

Freight Forwarders

Some forwarders have expressed their satisfaction with our services with testimonials:

«Our forwarding company has been using the platform for over 5 years. In this way, we obtain complete transport orders in digital form, read them automatically into our system and thus improve efficiency and quality. »
Tullio Rocca, IT Director of Lamprecht Transport AG


The following forwarders are actively using the platform and have agreed to list their companies on our webpage:



Forwarder Partner ID
Abacus Shipping AG 100426
Agility Logistics AG 100427
ATS Hellmann Worldwide Logistics AG 10042257
Belglobe GmbH 100410424
CEVA Logistics Switzerland GmbH 100428
DHL Logistics (Schweiz) AG, DHL Global Forwarding 1004210
Dreier AG 10042134
DSV Logistics SA 1004247
Ferrier Air Cargo 100410544
Fiege Logistik (Schweiz) AG 1004211
Fracht AG 1004212
Gebr. Weiss AG 1004227
General Transport AG 10042116
GLOB-SPED AG 1004214
Gerhard Wegmüller GmbH 100410543
Hofstetter + Co. AG, Schaffhausen 1004243
Interfracht Speditions AG, Pratteln 100410500
ITS International Transport & Shipping AG, Reinach 100410574
Kühne + Nagel AG 100410385
Lamprecht Transport AG, Basel 100425
Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG 10042197
M+R Spedag Group AG 1004216
NAUTA SA 1004217
NV Log SA 1004241
Panalpina AG 1004220
Rhenus Freight Logistics AG 100410383
Schenker Schweiz AG 1004224
Schneider + Cie. AG 1004225
Somatra SA 1004223
Veron Grauer SA 10042203


Forwarder Partner-ID
a. hartrodt (Belgium) N.V. B-Antwerpen 100410107
Adam Offergeld, L-Luxembourg 100410217
FM Logistic, F-Fonteney-Trésigny 100410087
ECS European Containers, B-Brugge 100410082
Dachser Group SE, D-Ungerhausen 100410078
DLS Land und See, D-Siek 100410079
Felix Troll Transport GmbH, A-Imst 100410084
Fernlast Speditiongesellschaft mbH, D-Braunschweig 100410085
Kuehne + Nagel AG & Co. KG, D-Friesing 100410466
Kuehne + Nagel S.R.L., I-Genova 100410526
Lettl Transport Gmbh, D-Wasserburg am Inn 100410283
Schumacher Spedition, D-Würselen 100410080
STEF, F-Paris 100410077
WWL ALS bv, NL-Moerdijk 100410460


Forwarder Partner-ID
Erb Transport Ldt. Mississauga Canada 100410269
Fuel Transport Inc. Montreal Canada 100410389
Maye Transport, Toronto Canada 100410270
The Scotlynn Group, Vittoria Canada 100410355
Caravan Group, Ontario Canada 100410531
Highlight Motor Group, Ontario Canada 100410530
CR England, Laredo Texas USA 100410520
Stevens Transport, Laredo Texas USA 100410519
LSNA Transport Company, Kansas City USA 100410479

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Trucking Providers

The following trucking companies are actively using the platform and have agreed to list their companies on our webpage:



Forwarder Partner ID
Emil Egger AG, St. Gallen 100410540
Bertschi AG, Dürrenäsch 100440536
F. Murpf AG, Hägendorf 100410517





Carriers (Air, Sea, Rail)

The following carrier companies are actively using the platform and have agreed to list their name on our webpage:


Names Logos
Swiss WorldCargo
Lufthansa Cargo AG
railCare AG





Warehouse and Terminal Operators

The following warehouses and terminal operators are actively using the platform and have agreed to list their companies on our webpage:


DHL Supply Chain Ldt. GB-Coventry  
Imperial Retail Logistics, South Africa  
Transcooler, Mexico  





Other Companies

All organizations and companies in a logistics supply chain can benefit from our services and our digital solutions. Please register here or contact us to know how the efreight Platform can support your activities.