License and Pricing Scheme

efreight AG uses the following easy to use and attractive pricing model based on yearly licenses for the various  types of participants of the platform. Individual license fees are set according to the number of companies/users/transactions and their access mode to the platform. In general we do not charge any additional transaction fees except for certain specific messages to carriers.

A detailed price list can be retrieved:

for Swiss customer  Preisliste-11-2018 CHF.pdf 
for foreign customer (outside Switzerland) Preisliste-01-2018 EURO.pdf


Users Yearliy license fee CHF Transaction fee CHF
Shippers 240 - 9'600 free
Forwarders 1'500 - 4'800 free
Road Transport, Trucking 1'100 - 2'500 free
Warehouse Handlers 1'100 - 2'500 free
Terminal Operators 1'100 - 2'500 free
Carriers (air, rail, sea) 2'400 on request
Customers Brokers 1'100 - 2'500 free
Users of DGOffice on request free
Users of CO2 Calculator on request free