Air Cargo Tools

efreight AG supports the efforts of the Swiss Air Cargo community in digitizing the airfreight supply chain. Alongside our community efreight Platform, we offer a collection of practical solutions to generate documents, forms and labels compliant with the IATA eAWB & eFreight standard processes. These tools are free to use.


 e-AWB Generate Pouch Label

Use below forms to generate a Document Pouch Label for your eAWB shipment. Format is compliant with IATA Recommended Practice 1600u.


Cargo Pouch

Airline Name/Insigna

Will be generated
Barcode - Will be generated
Air Waybill Number
Enter Prefix and nr.  - 
Enter Airport's 3 Letter Code: 
Flight Identification
1st Flight:  2nd Flight: 
Consignee Name
Consignee Phone






 Convert an Air Cargo FWB Message into a PDF Air Waybill

Paste below the FWB code and convert it to a printable Air Waybill look alike PDF document. Most FWB versions and data items are supported.





 Additional Free Air Cargo Tools


If you find these tools useful and are looking for additional support in digitizing your logistics business, please do not hesitate to contact us.