CO2 Emission Calculator

Freight transport mainly relies on conventional (dirty) energies. High level government initiatives aim at reducing emissions in future (Kyoto protocol, EU ETS, national energy change programs). Many organisations and mixed working groups have developed methodologies & standards for better measuring & comparability but so far, no generelly acknowledged industry model covering the entire supply chain applicable to all modes of transport has been developed.

Under the leadership if IG AirCargo Switzerland and Wild Venture GmbH, a CO2 calculator covering all modes of transport on a door-to-door basis featuring also compensation projecs has been developed which will be available in autum 2017. Its algorithm is mainly based on the EU regulation EN 16258.

Through a direct link from the efreight platform to the CO2 emissions can be automatically calculated for shipments generated and monitored on the efreight platform. Other access possibilities and uses of the calculator will be communicated in autum 2017.