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Electronic tools and solutions for your Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials related activities

Efreight AG has further expanded the functionality of its digital logistics platform through a cooperation with the DGM Software Development Group. Dangerous goods declarations can now be created electronically and added directly to the consignment data via www.efreight.ch.

The Swiss B2B transaction and information exchange platform for national and international freight transport, www.efreight.ch has expanded its range of services. Shippers can now use the app "DG Office" to electronically identify dangerous goods classes. The software also provides support for correct legal, packaging and labeling regulations for all modes of transport and all countries worldwide and to digitally issue the necessary dangerous goods declarations. Subsequently, the transport documents listing the technical name of the goods, their classification, quantity and type of packaging are added to the shipment data on the efreight platform via a link.

The software solutions developed by the Dutch DGM Software Development Group are based on a continuously updated database. Using "DG Office" freight forwarders can support their customers and employees of industrial and commercial companies can create the documents required for transporting dangerous goods faster and flawlessly.



Electronically all the way

DG Office / e-freight also allows digital processing of the so-called "Responsible Declaration" in which the sender assures that the goods are properly classified, packaged and labeled. Package certificates confirming that only undamaged packages have been stowed in the container, packed only compatible goods and properly secured in the container, can be added to the shipment data on the efreight platform.

In the course of the growing digitization of the economy, the importance of exchange platforms (à la efreight platform) is increasing. As a central data warehouse they can connect several groups / partners, thus creating a digital network. This can significantly reduce transaction costs compared to traditional business relationships with paper-based work processes.

Convincing advantages

With the help of the new "DG Office" app, shippers can avoid eliminate errors when completing dangerous goods declarations and when shipping dangerous goods. This will prevent penalties and / or shipping delays. Risks in supply chain management are reduced. At the same time, process efficiency and compliance increase when all steps along the transport chain, including hazardous goods declarations, are consistently mapped electronically.

The highly efficient DG Office solution enables users of the efreight platform to significantly increase the number of dangerous goods declarations per employee. The employees then have more time to spend more time on complex and risky dangerous goods shipments.

However, users of the efreight platform can also add a paper dangerous goods declaration to the shipment data as a PDF scan.

The “DG Office” application is distributed in Switzerland by efreight AG

Efreight AG offers all participants in the logistics chain (industry, trade, logistics service providers and customs agents) as well as all modes of transport (truck, rail, ship and aircraft) the opportunity to be connected worldwide and to provide information, status messages and freight and other accompanying documents throughout the transport chain. Exchange process electronically or replace paper documents with PDFs or data. The supply chain thus becomes completely transparent.

The efreight platform makes electronic data exchange faster and safer. Thanks to status feedback, the progress of shipments worldwide can be continuously monitored. In addition, multiple data capturing along the entire transport chain can be avoided, thus errors that often occur when manually entering data are reduced. The stored data also allow in-depth analysis of delays, failures etc. as well as subsequent optimizations. Quality management and service quality improve.

Numerous additional features such as flight bookings, calculation of CO2 emissions, upload and transmission of photos, temperature logs, dangerous goods and customs declarations, etc., increase the attractiveness of the efreight platform. www.efreight.ch  offers SMEs the opportunity to jump on the "digital train" without major investments and to profit from the advantages.


DG Office can configured to the specific user needs. Customers can select the required modules, services and number of simultaneous users. A very basic package starts at CHF 250/year with CHF 500 installation fee. Typical licenses sold in Switzerland cost CHF 600/year with and CHF 1600 installation and training costs. Please request a free DG Office Demo and contact us for a customized price quote.



Please download and view the product brochures available in English, German and French language:


Free Online Demo of DG Office

We provide access to “DGOffice” (of the DGM Software Development Group) for online issuance of dangerous goods declarations with automatic allocation of UN-numbers.

This software tool holds complete DG information for all Modes of Transport and Ground Handling Services

  • Provides insight in what is allowed and obligatory in trade, transportation, handling, storage and production
  • Fulfills all the required documentation, packaging and labeling needs
  • Secures that original data input by creator cannot be changed after completion
  • Transmission of air cargo DGDs on x-SDG format
  • One system to adapt languages, regulations and much more

Please click on the "Demo" button below and follow few easy steps to order a free 14 days access to DG Office.