Terms of Service

1. Introduction
efreight AG provides its licencees and the logistics industry with a platform (hereinafter referred to as "efreight"), which is intended to simplify the provision and transmission of the necessary data for the assignment of orders as well as order distribution (www.efreight.ch).

2. Scope of application
By accessing www.efreight.ch, using www.efreight.ch, or signing these Terms of Seervice, the User declares that he has understood the present terms and conditions and that he / she acknowledges this as the content of the contract of use, which he concludes with efreight AG. Users are considered to be both companies, who deliver orders via EDI-direct or webentry.ch, as well as freight forwarders who are commissioned.
The presently valid General Terms and Conditions for the access to the efreight Platform can be downloaded via the following links:
Our Data Protection Declaration can be downloaded via the following links: