Technical Specifications

Developed for global access of multiple users in cooperation with the renowned German data management company Lobster GmbH

Message Exchange Products (_data of Lobster GmbH)

Conversion of data (translation) and the communication (linking) of varying standards and systems

  • Standard shipping order transmission in UN/EDIFACT (IFTMIN)
  • Standard status updates in UN/EDIFACT (IFTSTA)
  • Airline Industry standard CargoIMP, CargoIQ (IATA)
  • Interfaces for SAP IDOC, AS400, TXT, XML, CSV, VDA, etc
  • Communication paths via
    • HTTP(s)
    • (s)FTP
    • SAP-ALE
    • AS2
    • X400
    • WebServices
    • REST
    • etc.

Plattform Products (_SCM of Lobster GmbH)

Mapping of the Supply Chain

  •   Online capturing of the shipping order  (manually)
  •   Data storage of shipping orders incl. addresses, articles etc. per Shipper
  •   Print of shipping order and package labels with barcode (SSCC)
  •   Upload of external documents (invoice, packing lists, etc.) in PDF-Format
  •   Generation of the authorization for EUR.1 / EUR-Med / EUR.1 CN

Data Standard Messages

Standard format for transport orders (communication to forwarder) IFTMIN01B (version SPEDLOGSWISS/GS1)

Standard format for status messages (communication from forwarder) IFTSTA01B (version SPEDLOGSWISS/GS1)