Online Issuance of Dangerous Goods Declarations

The efreight platform provides a direct link from the shipping order software to “DGOffice” (of the DGM Software Development Group) for online issuance of dangerous goods declarations with automatic allocation of UN-numbers (link to own ERP system also possible).

This software tool holds complete DG information for all Modes of Transport and Ground Handling Services

  • Provides insight in what is allowed and obligatory in trade, transportation, handling, storage and production
  • Fulfills all the required documentation, packaging and labeling needs
  • Secures that original data input by creator cannot be changed after completion
  • Transmission of air cargo DGDs on x-SDG format
  • One system to adapt languages, regulations and much more

This application can also be used by forwarders for completing the air cargo DGDs with destination and AWB number or by air cargo ground handlers for direct receipt of data on x-SDG (XML format).